Canon CP1300 vs CP1200

The Canon Selphy line of Wi-Fi enabled printers is designed to add to the fun of your group outings by printing instant memories of every photo-worthy moment. Instant photo printers are experiencing a surge in popularity as people return to the instant photos we enjoyed decades ago. Time and technology have improved the instant snapshot with instantly dry, high quality prints. In other words, no more shaking the picture!

Selphy photos can be uploaded via Wi-Fi, memory card, or even from Facebook and Instagram through the Canon PRINT app. The photo is dry immediately when it comes out of the printer because of the heat transfer printing technology. The Selphy CP1300 is the latest generation of the Selphy line, and it boasts a few upgrades that will really enhance your next get-together. Check out the details on the upgrades and the differences between the two latest models below.

Canon Selphy CP 1200

The Selphy CP1200 is the 2016 version of the popular Selphy printer. Like its predecessors, the CP1200 looks like a miniature version of a desktop canon printer. Unlike its predecessors, the CP1200 includes an optional rechargeable battery and a 2.7 inch LCD screen and a Wi-Fi button to help you get connected.

The CP1200 is also compatible with AirPrint, making it easy to print from your iPad or iPod. Friends with Android devices and even Kindle Fire tablets can get in on the fun, too. Just download the Canon PRINT app for Android or iOS and you can setup the printer and print direct from your phone! WiFi-linked devices, memory cards, and USB-connected devices are also compatible sources, enabling multiple users to send and print their photos.

Ink and paper kits are sold separately from the printer. You can print 18, 36, or 54 photos exactly from each kit, depending on the size. Most photos will take about 39 seconds (2.1” x 3”) to about 47 seconds (4” x 6”) to print. In addition, with the optional rechargeable battery, the CP1200 can print up to 54 pictures between charges. It’s portable and practical and, most important, fun!


Canon Selphy CP1300

The CP1300 is the latest generation of Canon Selphy portable instant photo printers. The changes may seem small, but the impact on photo production and overall fun is huge. Not only has the user interface been improved, the image search is easier and a date filter is now available. Finding what you’re looking for is even easier with the enlarged LCD screen, which has grown from 2.7 inches to 3.2”.

The CP1300 will be the star of your next party. People will love your DIY photo booth where your Selphy will print real photo-booth style 2” x 6” photo strips. Also, your guests can all connect to the printer and use the Party Shuffle mode to combine everyone’s photos into a fun collage you can all share. The CP1300 also prints with or without borders and in classic shapes and square stickers. Finally, all of these photos will last up to 100 years with the improved printing quality.


Canon CP1300 vs CP1200

​Canon Selphy CP1200

  • ​Rechargeable Battery
  • ​2.7" LCD Screen
  • ​Airprint Compatible
  • ​​IOS, Android and Kindle Compatible
  • ​WIFI,, USB and Memory Card
  • ​​30-47 Second Prints
  • ​Card size, Postcard, L Size, and Square Label prints
  • Read User Experiences

Card size, Postcard, L Size, and Square Label prints
2.4” x 2.4” prints

​Canon Selphy 1300

2” x 6” photo strips
.9” x 3” x 4.5”

Final Verdict

Either the Selphy CP1200 or the CP1300 will be a winning addition to your next social event. They both have the optional rechargeable battery for maximum portability, and they both print with dye-sub technology which works by heat transfer so the photos print fast and are dry right when they finish printing. The added party shuffle features of the CP1300, like photo-booth strips and party shuffle mode, really push the latest model over the top in entertainment value. Priced at only around $20.00 to $40.00 more than its immediate predecessor, it is certainly worth considering the upgrade if you have the opportunity to choose before your next party. Your guests will be glad you did.

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