Canon Selphy CP1300 Mobile Printer Review

Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Selphy CP1300 Mprtable Printer

Canon Selphy SP1300 Mobile Printer

The Canon Selphy SP1300, an update to the Selphy CP1200, is a compact battery powered mobile printer that is great for being able to print photos on the go from pretty much any Wifi/Bluetooth/Airprint device or you can connect it to you device via USB. It prints out 2×6″ photos strips. It also has an port to connect an external battery that extends battery life, and makes it much more mobile. It comes in black and white, and is price at US$130-100.


Excellent User Interface: Images are shown ona 3.2″ movable LCD monitor, making it easier to edit and select options. Options are better presented than in the SP1200.

Date Filter and Page Browsing: You can filter images by data and also view multiple images on a page instead of one image at a time.

Party Shuffle Print: Allows multiple mobile devices to connect to a CP1300 unit, so family and friends a print layout from multiple images.

Photo Booth Sizing: Allows you to print 2 inch by 6 inch photo strips, so you can share a image with many friends and family.

Border Settings: Photos can be printed with borders or without borders, border colors can also be chosen.

External Batteries: Allow purchase of separate external battery packs, allowing you to take the printer to places with no power supply like parts and on the road.

Connectivity: With the dedicated Wi-Fi button, it’s so easy to get the CP1300 set up on a wireless network. Once that is done, you can use the Canon PRINT App2, AirPrint3, Wireless PictBridge4 and more.


The SELPHY CP1300 is the perfect printer for those on the gu. It weights two pounds, and its dimensions are 7.1″(W) x 5.4″ (D) x 2.5″(H). Its ideal for professional photographers and others on the go. Canon also offers a battery pack, that can be used for up 54 prints. However, the battery cost almost as much as the printer itself Due to its dye-sublimation printing process, the SELPHY CP1300 can also print directly onto plastic, this makes it a great choice for printing of ID cards and badges at tradeshows or other events.

Ease Of Use

We cannot do a Canon Selphy CP1300 Review without looking at the usability of the printer. Generally it is very easy to use.

Loading ink is easy, you just open the door at the side ofthe printer, and slide the ink cartridge in. The paper cartridge is located in the front of the printer, you open the cover of the paper, and place a maximum of 18 sheets inside with the glossy side facing upwards. and close the . The typical 108 pack sold is divided into individual packs of 18.

The printer can be powered through a power cable or a battery pack.

While still not touch sensitive, the LCD screen is much improved from the CP1200, it is about 11cm compared to the 8cm of the CP1200, and it also tilts making it easier to see.

There are 3 methods to print photos with the Canon Selphy C1300. The first is through the SD card slot at the front of the printer, the second is through the USB Port and the third is using Wifi.

Printing with the SD Card is easy, insert it, and the images will pop up on the screen, can you can use the arrow keys to scroll through the images on the card, selecting the ones you want to print. Secondly, you can print directly through connect it with a USB cable, this is useful if you don’t have a wireless network. Lastly, you can also setup wireless printing by connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network by setting the Wi-Fi settings under the Menu button. The CP1300 is compatible with Apple AirPrint also.

It takes about a minute to print the postcard size prints via wireless connections, for a direct printing via SD card or through a USB cable it takes about 40-50 seconds. Also with the SD and USB you can choose to print all photos at once, and print 8 to a sheet.

There are several advanced features that come with the Canon Selphy CP1300, like 4 different printing finishes, printing with /without a border, image optimization, brightness/color adjustment, skin smoothing, printing a file number and shuffle printing which allows multiple device to print on a printer.

Print Quality

The Selphy CP1300 uses dye-sublimation technology for printing. In contrast, inkjets squirt a tiny jet of liquid ink onto the paper, dye-sublimation uses heat to transfer a solid dye onto the target. This technology has a advantage when it comes to portable printing, because dye-sublimated images come out dry and don’t smudge unlike ink-jet technology. This also give the print some water resistance, and the prints can last over 100 years when stored in an album. The combined ink and paper pack which has about 108 sheets cost about $30.00. so its about 30 cents per print.


Bottom line

While the Selphy 1300 isn’t a perfect device, its battery, replacement ink and paper are expensive, it still comes out cheaper than Polaroid supplies. The Selphy is ideal in this age of social media with its social features, and with increasing social media usage that is important. However, what really makes the Selphy shine is its long lasting prints that dry quickly and can be used for stickers and ID cards.

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