5 Disadvantages of a Polaroid Camera (Instant Camera)

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Polaroid by its nature makes you frugal. You walk around with maybe two packs of film in your pocket. You have 20 shots, so each shot is a world.

Patti Smith

Polaroid cameras are indeed a touch in the deep heart. Well, in this modern era people has got a camera in their smartphones, laptops, tablets and they even carry a DSLR camera which can just throw out some uber cool pictures of high resolution. For every cell, there is a positive terminal and a negative terminal,

fujifilm instax mini 90 samples

just like that

Every device or technology out there has got its own disadvantages and when time passes away, the improvement in the disadvantaged side will keep on rising until or unless we improve the technology. As a writer of this polaroid camera blog polaroids.xyz, I will 100% agree that polaroid cameras also know as instant cameras have got their own weird disadvantages and advantages.

Disadvantages of Instant Camera

So I’m gonna list out the major disadvantages of instant cameras which I felt weird. I don’t think that there is going to be a solution for this, but I’m pretty sure about one thing.

Every model has it’s own advantage over the other one.

  • The cost of the Film : Well, this is a pretty common problem within the polaroid users, but I can’t 100% say that this is a disadvantage because you know that you wanted to print the picture at the moment and for that, an instant-printing camera is the only solution.


Though the cost of the films are really hot and spicy that a teenager might not have enough pocket money to buy that stuff. Well, we have other options like the Instax Mini 8 which is a great camera and they are the cheapest polaroid camera on the planet right now. Indeed their films are also the cheapest polaroid films available on the planet.

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  • The battery backup : the battery backup of these cameras aint lasting long. Almost a good amount of polaroid or instant cameras out there in the market right now has battery ports. That means you’ve to replace the AA batteries when they run out (they easily run out of power). So this is one of the major problem with these polaroid cameras,


I just got one solution for this,  and it’s none other than polaroid snap instant digital camera (my love). I just love this camera because of its features and it’s one of the best available out there. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re modern or old, you buy that stuff right now please! It has a rechargable battery. End of story!

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  • Kinda Outdated : and you know that. In this modern era, everyone is behind DSLR professional cameras and almsot 90% of them has got their smartphone cameras with them. So personally I think that polaroid cameras are a bit outdated, but at the same time just like we all say “Old is gold”, we still have the value of polaroid cameras.


I don’t have any special suggestions or link for that because old is old. But trust me, some youngsters and old people out there really love using this camera because it’s the only camera available out there which can print pictures instantly. THIS so called modern cameras couldn’t really do that lol.

  • Not digital : well, I strongly believe that this is a problem with the manufacturers. They can easily develop something within these polaroid cameras which will automatically store pictures in digital form so that even if we run out of films, we can store those images.


Well, there I’ve my sweety on top. The polaroid snap touch I just talked about earlier has this beautiful feature. It will automatically store images inside the 2GB memory card. Short and sweet!

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  • Quality of the images : well, this is not a big factor because most of the polaroid cameras are designed to capture pictures which will look beautiful on the small photo paper. We cannot expect the polaroid cameras to generate 300ppi images, but the more quality pictures our camera can capture, the more beautiful memories will be.

Bottom line?

Polaroid camera is love, polaroid camera is life! No matter how weird these disadvantages are, they’ve got beautiful advantages which touch the heart!



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