Fujifilm instax mini 8 vs polaroid 300

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Today we will look at the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 vs Polaroid 300. The Instax Mini 8 is Fujifilm’s entry model. The Polaroid Pic 300 is Polaroid’s basic point and shot instant camera.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

fujifilm instax Mini 8


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 The Mini 8 is a basic point and shot camera in Fujifilm’s instax line. It comes in many colors. Even though its a basic camera, it does have adjustable exposure features, which allows you to adjust the exposure for pee-specified lighting conditions. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 w


  • Decent picture quality
  • Has a pop out flash for taking pictures in dark conditions. Shutter speed is 1/60 second
  • Has a 4 adjustable exposure settings. It will tell you which setting to use automatically. You just have to adjust the setting yourself
  • HI-Key mode which adjust brightness. Allowing you to take softer images


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Polaroid Pic 300

fujifilm instax Mini 8


The Polaroid Pic 300 is a basic point and shot camera from Polaroid, that comes in 4 colors black, purple, red and blue. It has the same look as the Instax 8, but in our opinion looks sleeker. There are four scene settings, that can be set by a dial located at the top of the camera, among the settings are indoor and fine, which you can choose based on the ambient light and shooting situation. There is no battery to worry about, with all power being drawn from the film cartridge, which uses ISO 800 glossy finish film.


  • Excellent picture quality compared to the Instax mini 8
  • Develops in under one minute
  • Has 4 adjustable scene settings
  • Self Timer
  • Flash Automatic 1/60 sec shutter


Instax Mini 8 vs Polaroid 300

  • Both cameras are going for cute and cartoonish look favored by teenager girls and young women
  • The Polaroid 300 beats the Instax 8 in terms of picture quality
  • The cost of film for the Polaroid 300 is about $1.00 a shot, compared to 75 cents for the Instax 8

Final Verdict

Our final verdict is the Polaroid 300 is a the winner. First off the image quality is much better than the Instax Mini 8. While the cost of the Polaroid 300 film was an issue before, now it has dropped to where its only 25 cents more expensive than the Mini 8 film that the instax uses




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