2 Instant Cameras to Gift this Holiday 2017

holiday gifting guide

How about some vintage holiday gifting ideas? I’m not a professional in writing a holiday gifting guide, and I probably don’t know much about holiday gifting either. But one thing is sure, no matter what!? Your partner of the friend will love these two instant cameras without a doubt!

It’s cheap; it’s affordable. It has lots of features, and this one is a bit old. Takes excellent pictures and the best part? It will print automatically.

The top advantage of these cameras is that they can take beautiful pictures in an old way, it can print those photos instantly (so called instant cameras), and that will inevitably become a sweet memory. You don’t have to burn your head, we also do not have much choices, so we selected the best 2 instant cameras (the cheapest and the costliest) and both are just pure love.


Polaroid Snap Touch

polaroid snap touch

Polaroid snap touch is an instant digital camera from Polaroid Inc. It's partially a digital camera and an instant camera because it can take beautiful pictures with 13MP lens and the image will print within seconds. It comes with cool features like full HD video recording, flash, touch screen to control the user interface, editing options, Bluetooth and much more.  


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

blue fujifilm instax mini 8

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is the love of instant camera; it's manufactured and marketed by Fujifilm. This camera is too cheap, it can take great pictures, doesn't have a lot of features. It's simple, humble and print photos instantly without even asking us lol 😛 . It's a very popular camera due to its quality and affordability. Though it doesn't have a rechargeable battery like polaroid snap touch, but you can refill the battery by purchasing two AA batteries.

Both of these cameras has got their own advantages and disadvantages, you can read reviews linked below to learn more details about the product. Happy holiday, enjoy your purchases and let me know your valuable feedback about this blog and the articles.

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