HP Envy 4520 Review

HP 4520 ENVY Photo Printer

The http://geni.us/mgjLHP Envy 4520 is one of a group of all-in-one printers that HP released simultaneously nto the home and small business market in 2015. The 4520 is the second-cheapest of the six, but is so feature-rich and performs so well, you may forget that you bought it for around $100.00, or maybe even less.


Excellent User Interface: Images are shown ona 3.2″ movable LCD monitor, making it easier to edit and select options. Options are better presented than in the SP1200.

Date Filter and Page Browsing: You can filter images by data and also view multiple images on a page instead of one image at a time.

Party Shuffle Print: Allows multiple mobile devices to connect to a CP1300 unit, so family and friends a print layout from multiple images.

Photo Booth Sizing: Allows you to print 2 inch by 6 inch photo strips, so you can share a image with many friends and family.

Border Settings: Photos can be printed with borders or without borders, border colors can also be chosen.

External Batteries: Allow purchase of separate external battery packs, allowing you to take the printer to places with no power supply like parts and on the road.

Connectivity: With the dedicated Wi-Fi button, it’s so easy to get the CP1300 set up on a wireless network. Once that is done, you can use the Canon PRINT App2, AirPrint3, Wireless PictBridge4 and more.


The HP Envy 4520 is an inkjet printer that operates with two ink cartridges – one for black and one tricolor pack. Ink economy is always a concern and users will appreciate that the 4520 will run even if one color is out, and it will gradually register and make up for declining levels of one color with gradients of the others. HP also provides an “Instant Ink” service, which is essentially a subscription-based service that monitors your ink levels and automatically mails a new cartridge when the existing one gets to a certain level.

Connecting with WiFi allows users on the same network to print directly from their phones. iOS users can connect with AirPrint, Google Cloud print, and through Android devices with the MOPRIA function. Once connected, the print function is pretty slow compared to more upscale models, and if you want to copy and scan multiple documents, you will have to manually replace the pages and flip them over if you have more than one side or page to duplicate. The set up is relatively easy, though, and for the price, a little manual labor is worth it. The prints are high-quality, especially black-and-white text documents.


The Envy 4520 connects easily to WiFi and to your computer via USB. However, those are about your only choices. You have to have wireless in order to get access to the printer from a phone or a table, as there is no ethernet port. There also are no slots for flash drives or memory cards. In a good wireless/WiFi enabled office or home setting, this should not be a problem, but it could become one if you end up wanting a hard ethernet hook up.



Bottom line

The HP Envy 4520 is a great all-in-one, especially for the price. If you have a high volume of copying or scanning to do, you might want to find a model that has an automatic document feeder, and if you require an ethernet connection then this is definitely not the printer for you. Otherwise, though, the low price and high performance makes the Envy 4520 stand out not only among the rest of the Envy line, but among other competitors in the home and small business all-in-one market.


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