Polaroid OneStep 2 Review

The Polaroid Onestep 2 Original is a the first Analog Polaroid camera release by the company once called Impossible that has re-branded itself as Polaroid Originals. The Onestep 2 is a retake of the classic One Step 1000 that was the iconic Polaroid camera that was release in 1970s. The Polaroid One Step 2 is an analog instant camera that uses both the both 600 film and a new i-Type film.

It is a camera that adheres to its roots, but with a 21st century touch. It is a take of the classic Onestep Land Camera, with its big shutter button and simple look. IT comes in only one color at the moment – white and black. While you can’t order it yet, it comes out on Octoner 16h, you can preorder


    ​Self Timer, Micro USB Charing Part, On/Off Flash, Exposure Adjustment. Fast Development, Large Prints
Flash with On/Off Button

Note: If you're looking for a polaroid printer then try Polaroid ZIP vs HP Sprocket.


To use the Original Step 2 is pretty simple, you just point and shoot, and the photo wi will slide out. When shooting you have to press your face againt the camera, since it doesn’t have an eye piece extension. It takes about 15 minutes for the print to develop. There is a small LED screen to tell you how many shots you have left, and there is a micro USB plug for charging. The film should be developed face down, and should not be exposed to direct light.


Compared to the previous models, the prints from the One Step 2 were of good quality. You get the big square picture of the original Polaroids, but there are small imperfections/ However, the biggest drawback is the price of the prints (I=Type_, at almost $2.00 a print, its 5 times the cost of an Instax Camera.

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