Instax Mini 25 Review

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Instax Mini 25 Review

Instax Mini 25 Review

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 is the stylish and compact instant Camera from Fujifilms Instax Line, it is similar in style to the Instax Mini 8, but with some additional features for more or less the same price.


The design can be described as cute and quirky. It has a retro design like the Instax Mini 8, but the finishing of the plastic is more glossy and sleek. While initially it came only in white, it is also available now in baby blue / white, baby pink / white, gold/white, red, orange. it also has a minnie mouse and Hello Kitty Version. It weighs 9.8 ounces, and its dimensions are 2 x 4.4 x 4.8 inches. It is simple to operate, all you have to do is point and click.

Instax Mini 25 Review


The Instax Mini 25 is the successor to the Mini 8. It comes with the following features.

Selfie Mirror Instax Mini 25

Selfie Mirror

The Instax Mini 25 comes with a selfie mirror so you can get the perfect framing for you selfie

Lighten-Darken Control

This feature adjusts the intensity of colors to make the final print finish brighter or darker.

Dual Shutter Buttonr

The Dual Shutter buttons allows you to shot both vertical and horizontal shots better.

Fill in Flash Mode

The intelligent flash in the camera detects the lighting conditions to control shutter speed. Backgrounds can be captured clearly even in dark rooms.

Close Up Lens

The retractable close up lens allows you to shot photos as close as 35cm without blurring.


The Instax Mini 25 is pretty much point and click, although you have the option to adjust the level of brightness and darkness. The lens are of excellent quality, and are 60mm and is fixed focus. However, the greatest benefit of the Instanx Mini 25 is its size, it weights about 285g, or about 1/2 pounds without batteries. it requires 2 CR2 Lithium Batteries, and sell for about 4-5 dollars. Its is far less bulky than the Mini 8 which comes in at about a pound.


The image quality coming out from the Instax Mini 25 is good, but more important is the print quality, which is excellent for the price.


The Instax Mini 25 uses its own film produced by Fujifilm. To save money on the film, you should buy a pack of 20 or more, since there are sharp discounts available.

fujifilm instax films


This is the pack of 60 (3 twin packs). The is very popular among customers, because it offers the best prices.



Protect your Fujifilm Instax camera with a polysynthetic leather case which is available in different colors and you can choose the case according to the color of your instant camera’s color. The case is available right now for purchase and you can snatch it away.



Looks cute?



The Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 is definitely a buy. We strongly recommend getting this camera if you want a affordable instant camera that comes with basic features. It cost only $3-4 dollars more than the Instax Mini 8, but its smaller and more compact than Mini 8, and comes with additional features. it is definitely worth taking a look at in our opinion.

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