Instax Mini 70 vs Mini 8

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ujifilm Instax Mini 70 vs Instax Mini 8


Today we will compare Instax Mini 70 vs Mini 8. These are two Instax Polaroid type cameras from Fujifilm. We have the Instax Mini 70, Fujifilm’s mid range camera in their Instax line, and the entry model, the Instax Mini 8.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Blue

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 is the mid-range model of the Instax line, between the Instax Mini 8 and Instax Mini 90. Its is a good camera for people who want more control of the instant photos they are taking, and don’t just want to point and click, and pray the results are good. It has almost as many features as the Instax Mini 90, but is 20-30% cheaper


  • The only camera in the Instax Line to have auto-exposure, both the Instax Mini 8 and Instax Mini 90 only have manual exposure. You don’t have fuss over lighting anymore. Do not expect the quality adjustments of a digital camera in instant camera.
  • Selfie Mode – This feature is only available in the Mini 70 in Fujifilms Instax line. It automatically adjust the framing of a selfie shot automatically so it comes out looking great, whether in portrait or landscape mode
  • Self-timer which can shot an photo automatically after a set time. When place on a tripod, it will take group photos
  • Has a built in macro mode which will automatically focus the lens, the viewfinder, this is need take take photos involving objects that are very close (1-2 feet away).
  • Landscape mode-enables you to take wide angle shots Landscape mode will keep the lighting and exposure perfect for your landscape photos when you are more than 3 meters away from the object
  • Battery that last up to 70 hours
  • HI Key mode which enhances your photo so images come out radiant and alive.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

fujifilm instax Mini 8


The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 The Mini 8 is a basic point and shot camera in Fujifilm’s instax line. It comes in many colors. Even though its a basic camera, it does have adjustable exposure features, which allows you to adjust the exposure for pee-specified lighting conditions. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 w


  • Great picture quality compared to the Fujifilm instax mini 8
  • Has a pop out flash for taking pictures in dark conditions. Shutter speed is 1/60 second
  • Has a 4 adjustable exposure settings. It will tell you which setting to use automatically. You just have to adjust the setting yourself
  • HI-Key mode which adjust brightness. Allowing you to take softer images


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Instax Mini 70 vs Instax Mini 8

  • Both these cameras don’t fail in the looks category. If you want something more modern and sleek looking choose the Mini 70 vs Mini 8, which has a more cartoonish and childlike quality
  • The Mini 70 and the Mini 8 both have good picture quality. Both use the same film, and are reasonably prices
  • The Instax Mini 70 has more features than the Mini 8. It has landscape mode, auto-exposure, marco-mode, selfie mode and a self timer
  • The Instax Mini 70 Auto exposure mode gives produces better photos overall than the Mini 8, even though the Mini * does have a semi-automatic mode, its not as good as the Mini 70
  • Because has more features to control setting on your photos, the Mini 70 consistently produces better photos than Mini 8
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  • The Mini 8 wins on price, its almost half the price of the Mini 70, or $50-60 cheaper

Final Verdict

Instax Mini 70 vs Mini 8 which one? If you are looking for a basic shoot and point camera for a low price, the Mini 8 is a good choice. You just have to point and click, and you will get a decent quality photo. For about $50-60 more you can buy the Instax Mini 70, which comes packed with features that makes shooting great quality photos in a variety of situations, whether its selfies, portrait, closeup or landscape photos.
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