Polaroid Cube+ Review

Polaroid is playing on the huge success of the Cube, a tiny little portable camera, with the latest generation Cube+. The major difference is that the Cube+ has WiFi capabilities. Where before with the Cube you couldn’t see what you were filming, the Cube+ allows you to connect to a smartphone that can be used as a viewfinder. This is a huge improvement and a complete game changer for the Cube+.


Portability: The Cube+ is 1.4” around. It’s literally a tiny cube. It’s so portable, you have to be careful it doesn’t get lost. The magnet on the bottom allows you to attach it to anything metal, though not all metals will give a strong enough hold. .

Video Modes: The Cube+ integrates slow motion and time lapse video options that were not available in the original Cube. It can also take photos one at a time or in burst mode, and it has a timer if you want to get in on the action.

Price: The Cube+ is priced at around $150.00. This is about $50.00 higher than the last model, and about $50.00 less than the comparable GoPro Hero4 Session.

Ease of Use: The Cube+ is too small for anything but a lens, a power/shoot button, and a WiFi toggle button. This makes it easy to use hardware-wise and the new generation allows you to connect to a smartphone in order to control and view what you’re recording.

View options: Video can include a timestamp and can be set for predetermined video lengths – 5 or 15 minutes – or unlimited roll time.

Video quality: Polaroid has improved the quality of the video over the original Cube, with sharper contrast and more detail.


Again, the Polaroid  Cube+ is only a 1.4” cube. Stick it in your pocket, or on your dashboard, or anywhere you want to get a hands-free shot: anywhere, that is, as long as it’s magnetic and has enough pull to keep the Cube+ in place. There are no other mounting options unless you pay extra. Still, as far as portability goes, you can’t get much smaller, so the possibilities once you integrate the mounting options are pretty much endless as far as where this camera can sit.


One major drawback of the Polaroid Cube+ is that, although video and picture quality is improved over the Cube, it’s still not great. This is especially true in light of the quality of the GoPro Hero4 Session, which costs only about $50.00 more than the Cube+, is waterproof (as opposed to the weather resistant Cube+), and has much better video quality.  The Cube+ is particularly disappointing when shooting in low light.


The Cube+ has space for a microSDHC card. It also has a Micro-USB port for charging. The battery will last about an hour with normal recording and WiFi on. You can plug in the micro-USB and charge the Cube+ as you shoot if you need more time.


The Polaroid Cube+ is tiny and practical for what it is. If you want to record your super-active lifestyle and get the best quality video while you’re at it, maybe you want to spend the extra money for a GoPro. But for day to day use, or for practical applications like as a dash-cam, the Cube+ is a fun and effective portable. Now that WiFi capability enables connection to a smartphone viewfinder, the Cube+ is a lot easier to use and is more attractive to those who want to use it for more than monitoring. In all, if you aren’t terribly concerned about having the highest video quality, you could do a lot worse than the Cube+.

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