Polaroid Cube vs Gopro Hero

Polaroid Cube vs Gopro Hero


The Polaroid Cube vs  GoPro Hero (or the GoPro Hero 6) are two tiny titans of the action video camera market. The GoPro Hero 6 lacks a lot of the features of subsequent editions, but it still has the GoPro fortitude and video capabilities that you know and love. The Polaroid Cube+ is perhaps the ultimate in portable video recorders, at only 1.4” cubed. It can connect to your smartphone via WiFi so you can use your screen as a viewfinder, a feature not otherwise available on the original Cube.


The Cube+ is 1.4” cubed. It comes with a magnetic center on the bottom so it can conceivably be mounted anywhere you get enough magnetic pull. Without additional mounting accessories, this is the only option for hands free operation. The Cube+ is only big enough for a lens, a power button that also serves as a shutter button for still photos, and a WiFi on/off switch. You can also open one side to access a micro-SD slot and a port for Micro-USB charging. The Cube+ runs for about an hour with average use between charges and the Micro-USB access can maintain power if you need additional time.


Taking videos with the Cube+ is easy through the app, where you can choose among many video modes, including time lapse and slow motion. Still photos can be shot at 3, 6, or 8 MP and the photo quality is generally good, although lower light levels can prove challenging. There is also a timer so you can get yourself in the shot and burst mode so you can catch all the action. Although there are many options and the quality is much improved over the original Cube, the quality of the photos still leaves a lot to be desired, especially as compared to the only slightly more expensive GoPro Hero Session.

The Cube+ is only weather resistant out of the box, but there is a waterproof cover available separately. Other mounting accessories are available to make the Cube+ mountable just about anywhere. Even without additional housing or accessories, the Cube+ makes a good dashcam and the magnetic mount and included lanyard make hands free usage very flexible

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Go Pro Hero 6

The GoPro Hero 6 is also a cube-shaped video camera that is designed to record action shots in all kinds of extreme conditions. It lacks a viewfinder, just like the Cube+, and also like the Cube+ you can connect the GoPro Hero 6 to your smartphone to enhance your control over filming. There are two microphone slots on either side of the Hero Session and one side has an LCD panel for adjusting and reviewing memory, power level, and video modes.


The Hero video quality is generally superior to that of the Cube+. There are multiple speed and quality options, including up to 120 frames per second for amazingly detailed slow motion video. The Hero Session is also waterproof up to 33 feet so you can get truly extreme footage in any environment.



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Polaroid Cube vs GoPro Hero


Polaroid Cube+


●       Extremely portable at 1.4” cubed

●       Easy external controls

●       WiFi connection to  smartphone

●       Control from smartphone apps

●       Image stabilization

●       Weather resistant

●       Micro-SD memory slot

●       1 hour of use from full charge

GoPro Hero 6


●       Extremely portable at 1.5” cubed

●       External mic, LCD control screen

●       WiFi connectivity to smartphone

●       Control from smartphone apps

●       Waterproof up to 33 feet

●       2 hours use from full charge

●       Mounting capability


All in all, the Polaroid Cube, at about $300.00 less than the GoPro Hero 6, is probably not ideal if picture quality is your primary concern. It’s fun and can serve its purpose as a dash cam or other monitoring device, but the GoPro Hero  has such superior video quality it is worth the extra money. The Hero 6 is waterproof and can be attached to almost anything, making it the clear choice for your active lifestyle.


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