Polaroid Picture Size : Credit Card vs Instant Picture Film

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Different companies have different polaroid models, thus there are different types of polaroid films with different dimensions. So I’ll just give you the exact figure of the dimensions of top polaroid series out there. Understanding the dimension might help sometimes, I don’t know what exactly your reason is, but I’m gonna explain it right away.


Fujifilm Instax

red fujifilm instax mini 8



This is the most virally sold polaroid films out there in the market right now. Fujifilm has developed few models like the Instax Mini 8, Wide 300, Neo Classic etc.. so they do sell a lot of films in the market followed by polaroid. The size of the film used in instax models are pretty small and it’s kinda similar to the size of a credit card, nothing more nothing less. It’s just the perfect size of a credit card, hence the size of the camera is also small!

Exact Dimension is 4 x 1.9 x 2.6 inches


polaroid film size





Polaroid has also got their own series of polaroid or instant cameras, but my favorite is the polaroid snap instant digital camera which is a beautiful looking high performing model from polaroid. They used to make large films for their old polaroid models, but now they started shrinking it down. The polaroid snap touch is available with films at the size of a credit card, but a bit different.

Exact Dimensions is 3.94 x 2 x 3 inches

So these are simply the latest available models of polaroid cameras and their picture size is simply the dimensions of a credit card. They decreased the size to make the camera size smaller which makes it easier to handle. If you wanted to explore more old and new polaroid films and their dimensions, then just check out here. You can find a lot of films and their dimensions without searching around the web.



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