Polaroid Camera vs. DSLR Camera – Hectic Comparison

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Polaroid camera was the old DSLR camera, as technology advanced, the style and power of the digital camera are just hit the top of the sky. Now we have SLR camera’s and DSLR camera’s to take sharp photos with thousands of real-time options available.

Purchasing a Polaroid camera in this generation is nothing but fancy because you know that you’re going to pay some good money and what you get for spending that kinda money is just the “feel of using a Polaroid camera” and nothing from the advanced technology.

Polaroid camera is good, in fact, it’s great to print your memories without waiting a moment quickly. You can quickly click a picture with your favorite stranger and get an autograph on it within a matter of minutes,

Your DSLR cannot do that baby.


The only special thing about Polaroid camera is it’s ability to print a photo within no time and that too with effects. Recently Polaroid Corp launched few digital Polaroid cameras to improve the user experience of existing Polaroid camera users; I should agree the fact that it worked well. Their Polaroid snap and snap touch camera performed well; especially because that Polaroid snap touch camera came with a lot of features like full HD recording, 13 MP CMOS lens and it’s itself a mobile printer which works with Bluetooth connectivity.

On the other hand, a DSLR camera has everything except printing ability. Even you cannot connect a Bluetooth printer with DSLR camera to print the photos. But the DSLR cameras has got lots of features, just like pilots dashboard, they do have a lot of buttons and 10s of 100s of controls to take the perfect picture. Without explaining much, you know the fact that all the major photographers out there use DSLR cameras and I’ve never heard of someone who won the best photographer award clicking with a Polaroid camera.

So DSLR camera has got its stand to kill the competition from Polaroid camera. It’s something like this

“Someone who wants to buy DSLR will buy DSLR camera, whereas if they want to buy a Polaroid camera, then they’ll buy Polaroid camera.”

That’s how it works. It’s just personal preference whether or not to give the instant camera a try.


Polaroid Camera vs. DSLR Camera

I don’t have to talk about technology much because I know that you’ve all the idea about the technology inside a DSLR camera. The lighting adjustments, controls, different modes, etc. are faaaaaarrrrr more advanced than a Polaroid or instant camera, so comparing both regarding technology doesn’t make any kinda sense at all. The only thing we can compare is expense,

Expense Comparison

Polaroid camera is expensive, much expensive than DSLR camera unless the Polaroid camera is the snap touch from Polaroid Corp. I’ll explain why.

When you buy a DSLR camera, you’ve to spend some money to buy the right lenses, the perfect storage and the good camera which might cost you around $1000.

Well, you can get surely get a Polaroid camera for as low as under $200, but it won’t work without a film inside it, it’s useless without a film inside it. There are Polaroid cameras like the Polaroid snap touch camera which will store the images inside it without the use of papers, but still, if you want to print it, you need to buy the papers, and it’s costly. A single print might cost you around $1, so a 1000 print will shoot up to $1000 in expense. At the same time, you can upload a million photo with DSLR without paying an extra dime.

You already knew this right,

So here is one suggestion for you. The Polaroid snap touch camera might be the one for you if you seriously wants to buy a Polaroid camera because the snap touch camera comes with latest technologies and you can fill up the papers when you’ve money; else it will work like a mobile phone camera. It’s good and highly recommended if you’re a Polaroid lover.

Else go for DSLR. Here are some of the best ones.

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